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Bargina is the safe local market for people who value their time and money ... so trust the technology you buy

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Safe & Trusted Marketplace

Swappa brings the most trusted marketplace on the Internet to your local community.

Save money

Bargainia values your money.Save buying used and pay a fair price straight to the seller. Bargainia's fees are low and built into the price buyers see.

Safety First

Bargainia values your safety.Don't meet strange people in strange places. Bargainia has policies and protections in place, and a human team to help

No Junk

Good quality at a good price.Everything sold on bargainia needs to be fully functional .

Approved Listings

We keep the scammers away.Bargainia listings are reviewed and approved by real humans before available for sale. we are against fraud

Real Support

Bargainia has real customer service.Our support team is staffed by real humans from the Bargainia buyer and seller community. And we're on the clock 24/7/365

Community Trust

Baragainia is rated 5 Stars on Trustpilot.We know trust is important when you buy used tech. See what others are saying about Baragainia in our online reviews below.